Are african immigrants who immigrate to United States also considered colonial subjects ?


And if they don’t wanna accept that, I just what for White America to learn them.

I employed this Sudanese waitress at my Vegan restaurant back in the day, she swore that I wasn’t African, and that she wasn’t Black America; that we were separate and distinct people.  I argued that I and she were Africans, that Africans of the Diaspora were as African as our Brothers and Sisters born on the Continent; she just didn’t want to accept that, she truly believed she would have different standing and treatment in the US than “Black Americans.”

After she move one and went to college she sent me this long email explaining how I was correct on the “who’s African issue” but about all the other “crazy, militant” stuff I’d tell her when she worked for my wife and I.  It took the White folks to fully validate what I was saying, and I appreciate them for doin that.