If you talk about the White race being hyperaggressive do you acutally mean the Eurasian race in general since Whites evolved in western asia ? Also does this explain why western asians (arabs,persians,turks etc…) had Empires and tribal wars just as their european cousins ?

Yes, I mean White and off-White people; but those people from Western Europe seem to have a leg up on even their Asian cousins when it comes to Hyper-Aggression.

But to be fair, there were White Tribes, Ethic Groups, and Nations that didn’t exit the same level Hyper-Aggression or Imperialism as there White Brothers and they got the same treatment as the rest of us; just look at the 800 year colonization of Ireland by the British; but those who didn’t display the Hyper-Aggression were absorbed, killed off, or got with the Hyper-Aggression program; like the Irish did. 

Ultimately, we have to look at the culture; even more than the Race or Ethnicity; especially not that Western Culture has been imposed on the world and embraced by many non-Western/non-White Races; it’s the culture that is truly toxic and omnicidal; so much so that you have nations that are not governed by Whites but they are still ecocidal and imperialist, like China and India. 

We also have individuals and organizations, like Deep Green Resistance and the Revolutionary Communist Party that consist of Whites who have arrived at the same conclusions about White History and Western Culture and seek to offer Whites humane and sustainable alternatives.