The Shameful Secret Behind (most) Black Support for Obama’s Presidency.

These same New Negros who encourage the Black community to “get out and vote,” that remind us of the myth that “people died so we could vote,” that insist that “if you don’t vote you have no right to complain;” are the exact same New Negros who will quickly tell us that “Obama’s not elected to solve our problems,” that we shouldn’t “Obama to jump to action when we have a problem,” the ones who attack anyone who dare criticize the POTUS or complain about their policies.

I can’t tell if New Negros are just insanely stupid, or just plain treasonous.

Let me tell yall a secret about these Obamites; they don’t really love Obama, they could give two shits about him or Michelle. They don’t know his political history, they don’t know anything about his platform, they don’t know anything about his presidential cabinet, or the policies he advocates for.

The reason they get all “stiff or moist,” (depending on their gender and orientation) when they hear Obama’s voice or see his person is because he represents their ultimate fantasy; Closet Proximity to and Full Acceptance of Massa. That’s it, nothing more. They love Obama because Obama is loved by enough White people to sit in the highest office of the White Empire.

If Obama lost the election in 2008, and made the announcement that he intended to appoint himself as the President of Black America because he was still supported my the Black Majority even though he lost the election, the New Negros would have laughed at him.

If Obama presented an agenda, an agenda independent of the government, one that required us to do for us among us only; the New Negros would have rejected and opposed him.

Obama is great because he’s president of White America, if you don’t believe me, just ask the average Black Obamaite about any other Black president besides Obama or Mandela.

Ask them about Patrice Lumumba, Ahmed Sékou Touré, Kwame Nkrumah, Idi Amin, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Maurice Bishop, or any of the other Black national leaders who came to head Black nations. These men don’t matter, they were not a fulfillment of The Dream because they didn’t lead White Nations! But let the British elect a Black Prime Minster (or any other White nations elect a Black figureheads) and the New Negros will be all stiff and moist again.

Without White Validation, without White Titles, without White Media Coverage Obama would just be another New Negro in the crown in the eyes of those who now worship him and blindly support him and his anti-Black policies.

That’s what disgust me most about the Obamites, the fact that Obama is only exceptional to them because he climbed to the top of the White Mountain, that they still look to this corrupt and rotting System for validation of their leaders.