What are your thoughts on Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the 20? I think it’s some sick twisted shit tbh.

I don’t like that shit.


If these muthafuckas wanna make a gesture, why not fucking Free Assata, Free Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Free Pete O’Neil, Free Leonard Peltier, and the hundred of other political prisoners and exiles?

How about giving us Africans our Reparations, how about ending the ongoing Genocide agains Native Americans?!

Lemme stop, I was just on post the gif and move on cuz I don’t even wanna think about this bullshit.  What’s even worst than this Racist, Patriarchal, Sexist, Omnicidal Empire putting Tubman on its fiat currency, is the number of Black people celebrating this bullshit.  That angers me even more; I don’t expect honorable actions to come from the oppressor, but I still assumed there was some level of cultural intelligence and Racial Pride left, but I guess Obama’s election and the lunacy it birth is going to feed into the #Tubman20; and Negros really still getting drunk off of empty symbols, and hollow victories. SMH.

The Struggle Continues.  Sister Tubman wouldn’t have fell for the Okie Doke, nor should we, to keep struggling for the full emancipation of our people and the planet is how we will honor her legacy.