Are the white elites of different nationalities or are the just americans ?

The are from many different Western Nations, they are from different, and even oppositional White ethnic groups.  They run the International Monetary System, Weapons Manufacturing, controlling interest in Natural Resource reserves, they own the Infrastructure for mining, transporting, processing, and distributing Natural Resources.  They own controlling interest in the Global Media Apparatus, they fund Universities, Think Tanks, NGOs, and Not-for-Profit.  They own majority stocks in Multinational Corporations and they own the worlds Politicians, and the world’s Trendsetters and Entertainers. 

They are a very small but divers group, the are based in the US, Western Europe, Israel, and even Middle East, Latin America and Africa (where they’ve build giant compounds to escape any uprisings or social disintegration in the First World Nations). 

The White Elites don’t hold any loyalty to any Nation, the could care less about America or Europe, the don’t really give a fuck about the White masses either; they only care about their Agendas, their Wealth, and holding on to Power; any one and anything is expendable to them.

The White Elites are not the hard to understand, but they promote nonsense about the Illuminant, or Reptilian Overlords to distract the masses from the simple fact that the world is controlled and being destroyed to meet the pathological needs of a small group of White males (with a sprinkling on non-White allies).  The world is being controlled by a group that could be overthrown without firing one shot if people just woke the fuck up. 

If we just accepted that Money Has No Value, and that States Have No Legitimacy, their whole system would break down.  If we simply took ownership of our labor and the means of production, there’s nothing they could do to stop us.  If we simply stopped our cooperation with their Systems, and our competitions with each other, the System would collapses.  If these damn cops and soldiers stopped following the order of the elites and begin to think and function like humans instead of automatons, their System wold collapse. 

The White Elites are very vulnerable, and powerful at the same damn time; you can’t enslave a world without the cooperation with the majority of the world’s inhabitants.