Do you smoke weed?

No, I never have, not even once. 

I grew up in a home that was plagued by many addictions; drugs and alcohol.  I’ve heard all of the “herb is not a drug” arguments, but I don’t partake in any mind altering substances. 

I respect weed’s medicinal properties and If I was afflicted with an ailment that weed can aid in healing I would use the herb, not smoke it; but by ingesting or drinking it; but I don’t use medicinal or intoxicating substances for recreation. 

I used to run with the Rastas and Underground Hip Hop heads in my Brooklyn days so I’m sure I’ve experienced contact highs more than once however, I don’t know if that counts; but I would exit the space when the smoking started, but they used to smoke in the clubs, movie theaters, and on the ball courts back in the days, so weed was hard as hell to avoid back in the day, for me.  Hell, NYC was kinda like Amsterdam before Mayor Giuliani.  But I’ve never voluntarily partook in weed.

I’ve drank a few times while I was a senior in high school, and smoked a few cigarettes when I was a freshman; like 4 or 5 cigs; and that’s the full extent of my drug adventures.