Brother, I know you atheist, but would you be mad if there were a resurgence of African traditional faith and religions like Vodoun? I think the problem is that Vodoun isn’t all that structured and it’s been infiltrated and diluted by bullshit like Islam, especially in North Africa and Christianity I don’t know about Judaism but maybe that dogshit too. I know you would like everyone to be atheist, but human beings are not in our lifetimes going to fully abandon spirituality.

I have absolutely no issue with Africans embracing their own myths, folklore, dogmas, and fables.  

You are correct that all Native African Spiritual Systems are contaminated by Western and Islamic ideologies and philosophies, and European Judaism/Zionism too.  

I don’t think that all of humanity will every be Atheist, but I do think that we can bring about a reality where all Africans are governed by fully secular States, where we can greatly mitigate the ravages of the mass delusions we call Religious belief and faith; which is my actual goal, not to deny people their beliefs but to prevent their beliefs from being oppressive or disruptive to our communities/nation, cuz even our indigenous Spiritual Systems have the potential to provoke us to irrational and counterproductive thoughts and actions.