Kwame Ture once said that people have an innate drive toward justice. You think this is true or nah?

Yes, Kwame Ture was correct.  Hell, it’s even been demonstrated that other creatures also have this “instinctive” love of justice and drive toward fairness. 

The problem is, there is a trillion dollar global media and educational systems and infrastructures to indoctrinate and propagandize humanity to act against our innate and instinctive drives and impulses.  

On top of that the social and economic systems imposed on the West discourage and penalize us when we act on our innate and instinctive drives and impulses for justice and fairness.

Finally, the very concept of justice and fairness has been wrapped, we think it’s unfair not to allow Bill Gates to hoard 47billion dollars in personal wealth, but we are taught that it’s just that half the world’s inhabitants live in poetry.  

So, at this point in human civilization, our innate and instinctive drives and impulses are all but moot. Which is really sad.

Also, the Elites lie and tell us the exact opposite, that humans are innately greedy, individualistic, and violence, but if that was the case they wouldn’t have to invest billions of dollars in sustaining these social relations, they’d just come naturally.  But they have to teach us greed, force us to compete, and intensely train and traumatize us to wage war or to engage in systematic violence.  

So, even thought Ture was 100% correct, it’s all but irrelevant because we are so far removed from our natural state, and so distant from our true selves that it will take a Revolutions and generations to return to our true state of cooperation, justice, and balance between humans and the ecosystems.

Karl Marx said that Capitalism (and by extension White Domination) leads ultimately to “Alienation,” humans alienated from other humans, humans alienated from nature, and ultimately man/women alienated from himself/herself.  Our innate move towards justice is obstructed by this universal alienation.  

Even when monkey, rats, birds, dogs, and other creatures that can live communally and in harmony are put into unnatural and under-resourced conditions the begin to prey on their own, to cannibalized each other and their youth, to engage in elevated aggression and violence.  People are primates, all of our technology has not take that away from us; one of the major differences between us and other primates is that we construct our own cages.  

The main objectives of the Revolution is to end this alienation, and to free humanity because we know that humanity will overwhelmingly move toward justice and cooperation, but the Elites have us afraid of our own freedom and liberation.