Gods Are Fiction, or They Agree With Me.

Why people tripping off of IS being called IS by the media and the public.

They talk that shit about IS not representing Islam; bih where?

I look at it like this; if the CIA, MI6, Mossad funded, trained, and
directed terrorist groups named themselves; the Disney State, or the
Apple State; the CEOs of those companies would immediately denounce
those groups and publicly declare that they do not support their
actions.  They wouldn’t send a manager or any other staffer, the word would come straight from the top person in the company.  

So, if IS ain’t Islamic where is the CEO of Islam?  Where is Allah?  Why hasn’t Allah made his voice heard?

Allah either is cool with his brand being tied to IS, or Allah is fiction; pick one.

I was told by a Muslim that I can’t just pick on Islam so allow me to add this:

If Jesus didn’t support the Christian Knights of the Klu Klux Klan and
the terrorist of the Christian Identity Movement; then he could also
hold a press conference and tell the world that his brand and name has
been illegitimately appropriated for actions and movements he does not
support.  He could have sued John Hawkins (naval commander) for
attaching his name to the Slave transport vessel named the Good Ship
Jesus.  Jesus could have sent a detraction to the media when GW Bush
said that God told him to bomb the Afghanistan and Iraq.

Jesus sits silently has past and current atrocities are committed in his
Holy name, so we can conclude that Jesus is down with all that or Jesus
is fiction.

Finally, if Yahweh was not down with Zionism and
the actions of the Zionist state….yall get the pattern, right.  So,
Yahweh is down with that shit, or Yahweh is fiction.

Oh, and for all the children suffering under the Child prostitution in Thailand and other Buddist
nations; if the Buddha was not down with that shit (and yes, Buddhist
philosophy is used to justify the treatment of these children); then we
can assume that the teachings and Way of the Buddha is fiction or empty. 

The same goes for Hindu faiths and their Caste system BS.

When I articulate these positions, I hear from a lot of followers, but
never any Gods; so….., again the Gods are fiction or they agree with