A truly Happy / Balanced / Spiritual / Positive person is able to acknowledge the full reality of the world, and their immediate environment. They can fully engaged the horrors and complexity of the world. They are driven to join the most pressing and difficult struggles of their era, and make a contribution to the overall freedom of the oppressed, and destruction of the oppressors.

These HBSP people also are not afraid to fully embrace and manifest the full spectrum of their own humanity. The hate, they fear (and admit their fears), they don’t run from sorrow, sadness, or even negativity, they know that all births and rebirths have an element of pain, and human capacity for violence can be liberation as it is oppressive if properly expressed. These people don’t see happiness as their right, or as constant, but as one of many needed and beautiful states of being.

This Consumer, Individualist Society wants us to think that we should be happy all the time, that there is something wrong with if we enter and dwell in states other than happiness or some empty form of contentment.

These Consumers and Individualist not only lust after, obsess over, and see it has a badge of honor to be in a constant state of happiness and pleasure, they also run from and shun all human emotions that they have arbitrarily deemed negative.

You will find that these individuals are so obsessed with these manufactured states of happiness, they will shun those they deem “negative,” or having “negative energy.” They only want to surround themselves with people who are also in a state of manufactured and constant happiness. They are never secure in that false state so they must have several crutches to hold them there, so they use people, places, and things to help them, when those things lose their usefulness they bail.

People will leave organizations, relationships, the regions they live in, etc., to find new tools to help repair and sustain their manufactured state of constant “positivity,” and “happiness.” These people are perfectly suited for a Capitalist society based on the exploitation of other people and the worlds resources, because they will not allow themselves to focus on the ecocide and human oppression that grips the world, they will only try to find a safe, and positively stimulating space for themselves within the greater misery that surrounds them. These people, unless they open up, will be of little use to our struggle, there’s too much “negative energy” associated with Revolutionary Struggle.

That’s why I value those who can…
-See the Beauty in Struggle,
-Appreciate both the bitterness and sweetness of life.
-Acknowledged and endure personal pain and loss, in order to secure collective betterment and progress.
-People who are willing to hate that which harms what you love.
-We need balanced and complete people, to have a balanced and complete world.

I have keep retuning to this issue because I encounter many how come to the point of despair, who are burdened and pessimistic about where we are and what’s coming, and then I see these emotional parasites come and try to tear them for about expressing and even holding to “negative energy.”

It used to be just the Pimp Preachers who sold this “Be Happy at all cost,” “Pie in the Sky,” BS, but now we supposed African-Centered people pushing their own version of the Prosperity Gospel, draped in Mud cloth and Cowrie shells.

I’m telling you the sadness is healthy, the hate is appropriate, and the anger is useful, and you need allies in your life who will endure with you when you go through those cycles, and will celebrate with you when you reemerge ready to struggle on. We need people who understand that happiness should be a by-product of our correct and principled actions, not a goal unto itself.

People who only wanna see you smile as the world burns are not healthy themselves and not good for you.

When a Brotha or Sista contacts me and says, “shit is all fucked up and I hate it, it make me sad, it hurts.” I say, “yep, how do we sustain as we work, and whats the plan to fix it.” I don’t tell they they are wrong for feeling that way because they ain’t, not at all.