The Trajectory of White Gun Obsession…

I stated back when they let George Zimmerman
go, and the White masses offered him their full support and donated
millions to his cause; that that was gonna come back on White folks
with vengeance.

The thing is, the Corporate Media plays up the
Black threat, it distorts and inflates is. Black men are less than 6%
if the overall US population, and have a very low gun ownership rate
than White males. That means that if every Black man was a gun totting
Gangsta, it still wouldn’t have much of an impact on Whites, because
Gangstas target other Blacks generally, in predominately Black
communities. The deeper reality is that less than 1% if the 6% of Black
men are gun toting Gangsters.

The White masses believe that
Blacks are upwards of 50% or more of the US population when we struggle
to maintain a 13% population, they think that Black men are the majority
of the criminals, and commit the majority of the crimes in the US, but
White males are the most violent and criminal population (especially
when you include military and white collar crimes), they are the most
heavily armed, and the most aggressive. And like Black Gangstas, White
males do most of their killing in their own communities and the mostly
kill other Whites.

So, when the facts of American violence are
merged with the lies and distortion of American violence and crime; you
have a situation that is very dangerous for the White majority.

They have a large population of heavily armed, insecure, under educated,
underemployed, extremely fearful, insecure, hyper aggressive, (often)
drug addicted White males dispersed all over this nation.

fear Blacks the most, but the vast majority of these White males have
little to no contact with Blacks, but that lack of contact does not
reduce their insecurity and aggression, and they need an outlet; so the
begin to target their wives, children, and other Whites in their

This is Fascism, the Promise Keepers, and the Militia movements, and all of the other White Nationalist Formations are feeding and feeding off of historical and social phenomenon.

White masses think they are safe, but they always lose. Look at
Germany, or Italy under these conditions; more Good Germans died under
Hitler than Jews. But the US has gone through this several times
before, when the White Elites whipped the White masses up into a White
Nationalist Fervor. I won’t even bore you with the time line.

I’m not saying Blacks are safe, but what we must do about the emerging
White Nationalism and Fascism among the White masses is a totally
different discussion from what I’m talking about here.

watch how they are using Blacks peacefully protesting, demonstrating,
and rallying for an end to Police Brutality to mobilize the White masses
for Race War, then you are gonna see those same weapons and aggression
cannibalize White communities all over Fly-over country.
The Corporate Media will not report of connect White-On-White violence
to what I’m talking about here, so you may have to look at foreign
media to get the best info about what’s going on in White America.