Liberation: That’s Not How This  Works….That’s Not How Any of This Works.

History demonstrates that submission, passivity, non-violence, and
vulnerability only increases White Aggression; it never provokes guilt,
empathy, or reflection in White Aggressors, not once in history.

There are countless cases when Whites have happened upon peaceful,
unarmed, and welcoming “Primitives,” such as the Twa people and the Arawaks
and proceeded to rape, rob, enslaved, brutalized, and exterminate them;
even though these people posed absolutely no threat to the Europeans.

There are even  more examples of the US mobilizing its military forces
against nations who had no ability or intentions of attacking or harming
the US in any way; such as the United States invasion of Panama, Invasion of Grenada, the Philippine–American War,
and so on, there are thousands of examples.  The US has sent in their
military against nations that had armies smaller than most Boy Scout

As Kwame Ture
stated; the Whites don’t even show guilt for their many crimes of
genocide and ongoing atrocities, he said that they glamorize their
crimes, they celebrate them, they make movies praising their triumphs.

Knowing all of this, why are we still organizing our movements and
employing strategies that attempt to appeal to the justice, sympathy,
and reason of our White oppressors?  Why are we still seeking new
reforms or the enforcement of reforms we secured decades ago?  

Why are we still trying to evoked feelings of sympathy, empathy, and guilt within the masses of Whites?  

‪#‎HandUpDontShoot‬, Sit-Ins, Die-Ins, ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, ‪#‎SayHerName‬, Peaceful Marches, Peaceful Protest, ‪#‎ICantBreath‬,
disrupting White gatherings, etc. don’t move our Oppressors, never
have.  Our Icon of Non-Violence, a man who not only allowed himself to
be brutalized and spat upon, but allowed his wife and children to be
directly attacked, to be bombed without retaliations; Dr Martin Luther King was shot in the neck by the people whom he only showed love and understanding towards.

What did we learn from all of that? By the look of it nothing, we are stirring up a The New Civil Rights Movement based on strategies and tactics that failed us 50+ years ago.

I’m not saying take up arms, either, but there are methods and tactics
we have long neglected, and it’s better to do nothing instead of doing
shit that has proven not to work in the distant and recent past.

I just saw a protest march go right down my block for Rekia Boyd,
with a full police escort.  That’s like having a march against rape
with Registered Sex-Offenders escorting you, or like having a march
against animal cruelty with butchers and cattle ranchers escorting us.

That’s not the worst of it, this following weekend after the Boyd March
there was a big party and cook out on the same block; we protest then
party, and the System don’t take us seriously.  

We protest the
system then fully feed into the economy; which is all the system cares
about!  If we employed minor economic sanctions against this system it
would get us further than any protest or riots! But we don’t  we march,
then go to Starbucks, we protest, then line up for iPhones and the
latest Jordans.  You can’t fight a system and fully participate in it,
that’s not how any of this works.

But I’ve said it all before,
and I’ve been ignored before.  All I can do is chart, promote, and
advance a different path. Forward.

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