What are your views on Dr. Unarmed Johnson?

I assumed you are asking me about Dr. Umar Johnson.  Just to be safe, I Googled “Unarmed Johnson,” and it actually gave me some vids by Dr. Umar Johnson; so let’s run with that.

Essentially, UJ is following a very basic pattern to Leadership: you pretty much feed into the most base instincts and fears of your target population; while creating and inflating a persona that is palatable and powerful in the minds/eyes of your target population. 

It’s the same formula Trump is employing in the Republican Primary, you pick the low hanging fruit.

Target vulnerable populations (gays, single mothers), validate the self-image and delusions of your followers (manly men who are oppressed by girly men and their female allies), offer simplistic and poorly detailed solutions (open businesses, boy-only schools, hyper-macho male control of the community), inflate your own linage and accomplishments (prince of Pan-Africanism, Douglass connections) aggressively attack/demonize detractors.

This is the path to Leadership in this particular society and culture. 

Individuals like UJ will always be elevated in our communities because the egos of Black men are so wounded, and the path to healing is really complex, so anyone offering short cuts to “manhood,” will gain a following. 

Simply develop your oratorical skills, take a very basic stance on very entrenched and complex issues, and attack instead of conversing with those who disagree with you; and you’ll be on your way to Leadership (of a small but vocal sect of the Black masses).  It’s not hard.

I’ve said this all before, not just about UJ, but about the AfroSexist, Black Puritans, Toxic Black Nationalist, Cultural Cultist, and Mommy-Issue-Militants in general; but I’d be called a Homo, Simp, Hater, Uncle Tom, and a Hater.

Folks are listening now cuz of StripperGate, I guess; but that’s not a problem to me; people are primates, and we gonna get down; that’s just a historical, biological, and actual fact.  I don’t make consensual sex between 2 (or more) adults my business.  If he was not promoting himself as a Celibate, Moral authority most of the community would have ignored it, and his followers don’t care anyway; they are gonna blame the woman, like UJ has taught them to.

I personally wish our community and the struggle was evolved beyond the  level where who you are or who you are not screwing matter; but we focused on the substance of the analysis, programs, and outcomes. Hell, I wish we could get beyond allowing these Cults of Personalities to emerge, and get around to construction and advancing a viable and well articulated agenda and protocols for Pan-African Liberation. 

Oh, then there’s him dissing the Black community for only giving him a quarter of a million dollars when he asked for 1million.  LOL!  Damn!  That’s truly trifling.

Finally; I still thinks there’s potential in UJ to evolve and grow as a Leader, since that appears to be his trajectory; I used to be a Black Puritan, even into my 20s; so we shouldn’t give up on folks, and we should not give them a free pass either just cuz they say a lot of shit we like.  No one should be above criticism and correction. 

People in his life and his circles just need to keep working with him and helping him to evolve, that’s what my wife and circles did and continue to do for me.  If he’s not around a buncha YesMen then he will grow, and get stronger.