On Appealing to the Humanity of the Inhumane.


In recent decades the United States has directly killed or overseen
the murder of millions of Iraqis, Congolese, Afghans,  Sudanese, South
American Natives, Libyans, and other peoples of the Third World.

The US has contaminated large segments of Asia with Depleted uranium, shipped billions of tons of toxic materials and E-waste
to Africa and the rest of the Third World for disposal, set up
polluting industries all over the Third World to generate profit for US
corporations, and has caused hundreds of toxic oil spills from the Gulf of Mexico to the Alaskan wilderness.

The US has invested trillions of dollars in unmanned, remote-controlled
death machines, satellite guided missiles, and global surveillance
systems as it has ended or reduced funding for food, education, and
health care programs.

Has driven thousands of plant and animal species into extinction or on to the endangered species list through Habitat destruction, Global warming, Over-fishing, Industrial Pollution, and Big-game hunting.

This is the nation, these are the people we are trying to convince that ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬.  

Good fucking luck with that.

I know I sound like a broken record on this issue, but it’s paining me
to see so many people mobilized and their energies directed towards such
irrational ends.

no-more-hope : Slavery was never ended, there are more Black men in legal slavery in the US than at any time in history, there are more people enslaved on the planet than at any time in history.  I’m sure many of the products in your home and food you eat are made, processed, and harvested by enslaved people. 

Only radical analysis and revolutionary action can truly change this.