Generational Awakening.

This most recent Black generation really wanted to be post-Racial,  
they’ve had the majority of their lives under a Black president, they
haven’t been to a Hip Hop concert that didn’t have at least a 60% White
audience, and the White kids knew all the lyrics.  

This most
recent Black generation are the most distant from the lynchings, the
marches, the open White Aggression, and Slavery.  This most recent Black
generation has the most racially diverse social circles of any other generation in this nation.

Yeah, this most recent Black generation, these current teens and
20somethings were even cool with their White friends slipping in a
“Nigga” or two in their conversations.  This most recent Black
generation even defended their White friends from the suspension,
criticism, and hostility from us “old Black people,” who were “stuck in
the past,” or “too focused on the Race thing.”  

But today, man, ain’t the System giving them a crash course in the Realities of Race and Oppression over the last few years?

They dun gone from ‪#‎ColorBlindness‬ and ‪#‎TranscendingRace‬ to ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and ‪#‎ICantBreath‬ with the quickness!  

It’s like all these Liberal Black youth owe these Racist Cops and
Citizens tuition payments because they’ve given these Black youth a
better cultural, political, and historical education than a million
African Studies PhDs could do in 10 life times; and this generation are
quick learners.

I don’t know if they will sustain their
(relatively) new found consciousness, or get punked-out or bought off
like my generation did, but I’m glad to see that they are making so many
corrections in their ideologies and world views.

I’ve heard from
more than one teen or 20something who told me I was crazy when I tried
to run shit down to them, who told me how Blacks have treated them worse
than Whites ever have; they’ve contacted me and told that I was right
after all.  

The System is good at radicalizing Black youth, I wish we were as good as organizing, equipping, and supporting them.