Surveillance Offers No Safety!

The Obama’s immediate and strong support of Police Body Cams should be all the evidence you need to understand that Body Cams are not going to be used to protect the Black community!


We are begging for more intense surveillance of our community and our own lives, how the fuck is that freedom?!?!

Go read up on the Right to privacy, then look at Obama’s record in two areas:

1. Look at how he has expanded and legitimized GW Bush’s surveillance systems and policies.

2. Then look at how he has responded to other atrocities committed against Black people during his years in office.

What did he do for Aiyana Jones, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, etc; what policies did he bring forth, how much money did he put on the table? Now, with our Brother Mike Brown, Obama is putting forth official policies and almost 300 million dollars in response to his murder; and all of that money and policy initiatives are going toward increasing government surveillance of civilians! He couldn’t even get the damn tanks and rocket launchers out of the hands of local PDs, but he sho got the Body Cam money on deck real quick, yall really don’t see what’s going on here? Did Edward Snowden and Julian Assange put their lives on the line for nothing, you just gon ignore their work?

At the same time Obama, and his henchmen….or more accurately, Obama is the henchman; as they put cameras on ever fucking street corner, as they force us to give Retina scans, Finger Prints, and other Biometrics for basic services from the government, as they collect and catalog our DNA in government databases; as they watch us more aggressively, they are also making the government and its actions more hidden, more clandestine, more Top Secret. So the more the government knows about you, the less you will know about the government; that is the essence of Dictatorship and Tryanny!

The wost thing about all this is that they got us begging for more Digital Chains to keep us safe, like a fucking dog begging to be fenced and and chained in the damn yard for its own safety. SMH.

Yall need to read Manufacturing Consent, The Soft Cage by Christian Parenting, and read up on the investigative journalism of Glen Greenwald. Oh, and cop a look at Rise of the Warrior Cop when you get a chance. Shit pick up a copy of the The COINTELPRO Papers, then tell me if the police watching and recording all our interactions is gonna do anything good for our communities.

I would recommend some Black writers on this issue, but hell, most folks who read them authors are already hip to the scheme, and you folks who really believe that giving the government more surveillance technology and authority will bring about more justice and fewer atrocities would most likely dismiss a Black Radical analysis as paranoia or Conspiracy Theory, so I’m giving yall some mainstream, academic, White insights on the issues; now what?

Obama has proven himself to be a loyal ally to the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Global Capitalism, and an enemy of African and oppressed people all over the world, I don’t give a damn how good he and his family look; the policies and outcomes don’t lie.

Wake up Black people, don’t allow them to use the ‪#‎MikeBrown‬ atrocity and his family as tools to implement universal Police Body Cams! Just watch where that 300 million dollars is gonna end up, it’s gonna go to the same companies that give the cops all that damn military weapons, and the companies that already help the government spy on law abiding civilians.

If we can’t stop this policy we can at least go down in the history books as not being gullible enough to protest for and demand our own surveillance by oppressive government agencies. At least.