What in your estimation is the difference between black nationalism and white nationalism and why in your estimation do both whites and black think both are two sides of the same coin? Do you think black nationalism is the answer to black problems and is still relevant or not?

Black Nationalism is/or is supposed to be rooted in the African Cultural Asili, which is essential humane and ecological; like most other non-Western culture.

White Nationalist is rooted in the European Cultural Asili, which is almost uniformly Omnicidal. 

That’s the difference.

The problem is many Black Nationalist are actually White Nationalist with Black skin cuz they are too indoctrinated into White ideas, world views, and practices to even conceive of an African way of being.  That’s why when you look at the Black Nationals platform it looks just like the Republican National platform of “family first, man as head of the household, guns, God/Allah/Maat first, women and children subservience, etc.).  Just look up the “Black Straight Pride Movement” for more examples.

I don’t know of any Black Nationalist who think they are two sides of the same coin, and I wouldn’t even bother to discuss the issue with a White Nationalist, cuz fuck them.  BNs and WNs generally think they are diametrically opposed to each other, that they are natural born enemies, but they are actually just a bunch of assholes, assholing about, wasting everyone’s time.

Truly Black, or African Nationalism is a component of the answer, but not the total answer for Black people, but we have to rid the ideology and the movement of all of its Western contaminations.