On Lucifer’s Rebellion & God’s Heavenly Dictatorship.

You know when Lucifer rebelled against God he was able to get 50% of the angels to fight on his side during the War in Heaven!

Think about that.

I mean, any rebel or Revolutionary would love to have them kinda numbers, Mao, Che, the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army, the FMLN, the Tamil Tiger; you name any Rebel Movement, and they never got them kinda numbers!

I’m not talking about a rebel group like the BPP just getting 50% of Black people to join their movement, but 50% of all inhabitants of the earth to join up; just imagine that! Imagine the conditions of the world where 50% of all people rise up against the established power!

Look how fucked up the world is today, and Revolutionary struggles don’t get the kinda numbers Lucifer got! I mean 50% of the entire populace is a number you believers have to pay attention to.

Unlike you Religious Believers, Lucifer had not only indisputable evidence of both God’s existence, he but knew directly how God governs, how God set shit up, and he not only rebelled, 50% of all angels were like; “yeah, fuck this shit, let’s take this tyrant down.” Plus, Lucifer was favored by God and was still like; “fuck this shit, burn it all down!”

I mean, shit; what kinda Utopian Paradise would provoke half the damn population rise up and face unbeatable odds; WTF was God doing, damn!

Now we have literally billions of people who wanna live all eternity in the same conditions that 50% of all angles found unbearable.

When I was forced to go to church, join the choir, to be a Jr. usher, to attend Bible Study and be baptized after being manipulated to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior; I always had one particular though; “Heaven would be a mind numbing, and torturous way to spend eternity.”

I didn’t have nightmares about Hell, I’d fear going to Heaven and it was like Church every damn day, ruled over by a violent, genocidal, and egotistical ruler who spied on everything I did, who needs constant praise and adulation from all under his rule; a ruler who’s also set up a massive torture chamber where he’s doomed billions more to an eternity of cruel and painful treatment; like some kinda fucking supernatural, cosmic Guantánamo Bay. Shit, this God sent his only begotten son to be tortured to death when he could have simply forgiven all sin with the snap of a finger.

Imagine that, I impregnate my wife with the full intention and knowledge that I want our child to be tortured and murder for crimes he didn’t even commit, and I don’t even tell her that shit. Hell, I don’t even bother to impregnate my wife…I’m sorry, some other man’s wife, my self, I send one of my henchmen to do the deed with a baster full of my semen, I mean Damn!!! You wanna live an eternity under some dude who does that kinda shit? You really think Lucifer was the villain, or maybe his PR ain’t as good as God’s.

No wonder God forbids his believers to question him, or have doubt, demands that they rest on faith alone, and never require evidence or explanation of the Mysterious Ways of the Dictator of Heaven, because if yall really started to contemplate your Dogmas and your Heavenly Father, yall exit that shit as quickly as I did.

Enjoy your Sunday folks.

#NWA: Ni99as With Atheism. LoL!