What are some things that fundamentally distinguishes African peoples from all other peoples on the planet? Are there such things? I very often see and hear than “all human beings are the same” that everyone is essentially the same. Is this true or not?

There is a distinct African culture, history, and social standing that unites us and separates us from all other peoples on the planet. 

The physical or phenotypical features, dealing with hair, features, and of course skin pigment are also very relevant, even though many mondern, post-racialism adherents like to pretend that they are not.

Within the Global African community we know that our phenotype encompasses the full spectrum of human features, up to and including blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.  You can’t find any features  lacking in the African phenotype because we are the source of all other phenotypes and features, all other features arose from Africans, or mutated from Africans, including the accepted Aryan or Caucasoid phenotypes. 

To be defined as an African you need a natural cohesion and interplay of history, culture, heritage, phenotype, and even ideology in my understanding.

Unfortunately, just as White Invasion and Domination has disrupted the African societies, and even Africans ecosystems, they have tried to corrupt or distort what it means to be Africans, they imposed false borders and divisions on the African landmass, they kidnapped and dispersed us across the globe and then worked like hell to tie our identities and loyalties to the lands of our bondage and subjugation instead of our ancestral home of African, so Invasion, Colonization, Enslavement, and the False Nationalizations of Africans have confused many of us about who we are and where we stand.

If your personal lineage takes you back to both the African landmass, civilization, and culture; then you are an African. 

Don’t let these liberals fool you or cliam false African origins by talking that “humanity” started in Africa bullshit.  Yes Humanity started in Africa, but if you have to go all the way back to Lucy
to find your ties to Africa, you ain’t African.  That’s because there was no African culture, civilization, or even language at that time, so it’s absurd to say all peoples are African.  Modern human are as much defined by culture and socialization as they are by biology and species, so if your lineage ties you back to a non-African culture, you are not African, I don’t give a damn where Humanity started, where are your cultural roots?  All life on this planet started in the oceans, but we ain’t fish, and we can’t claim the oceans as our home.  Also, the invaders of African can never be African, I don’t care if they been there 1000 years, that goes from the Arab invaders in the North to the White invaders to the South, they will never be African in my point of view, just as Whites in the US will never be Natives to the land, even if they occupy it for another 1000 years.

Also, all humans are not the same, humans from various regions have both genetic and psyo-cultural adaptations to their environment.  Western peoples are very different from Tropical peoples, even when we migrate to each others original climates, we still maintain our ancestral and biological distinctions. 

I know it’s fucked up to have to deal with this shit, but these phenotypical issues will dictate how you live and die on this planet.  Africans didn’t set this shit up, but we in it and we better deal with it appropriately. 

For those Africans who don’t like being separated from other Races (most often from the White race) and want to be integrated, you can’t get there by simply ignoring race and culture, or you will be integrated as a subservient lackey to your White friends.  You must balance out the power and resource differentiation if you want just connections and attachments; so even if you want a color-blind multi-racial world you still have to build African Power, Black Power, and dismantle Global White Domination first.  These power dynamic even come into play with personal friendships between Whites and non-Whites, and they should be understood, even if it makes your White friends uncomfortable, but if they really your friends they shouldn’t be…right?

But what most #NewNegros do is try to pass off proximity to Whites as equality with Whites, that’s why they always fighitng to get into White communities, White Schools, White social clubs, and White families.  But that’s a whole diffrent discussion.

I’m not even sure I’ve answered you question Anon, it would take so much more time and space to really give you a good answer, but this is the shortest response I could muster for such a broad question. 

Oh I almost forgot, I know many will think “but what about people of multi-racial heritage,” so let me touch on that.

You can only be of multi-racial heritage if you are from two complementary cultures, but if your multi-racial heritage is from two oppositional cultures, then you have to pick one, whether you want to or not.  White society oppresses Black people, so if you are from a Black/White union, then you have to pick, well, not really, the society  usually picks for you, you just have to determine how you gon deal with that, resist it or embrace it. 

I know many multi-racial people who refuse to pick  and I don’t push them to, but I always observe that they are in this internal and social struggle trying to merge to oppositional identities.  Even if your Black/White parents love each other, that don’t impact the reality of the oppositional and exploitative relationship White have with Blacks, and you can’t call for an exemption because of your bi-racial status.  Sorry, this ain’t may rule, I’m just telling it.

That’s my understanding, but I always respect a persons self-identity, even if I don’t agree with it.  If you Blue-Black and say your are Irish-Scottish, I just say; “OK,” and then get the fuck away from you.

Fortunately most of the Africans I know of muiti-racial heritage know they are Africans and act accordingly, but I’ve met many to attempt to be both or the other.