Why are you so skinny? lol. But for real speak on it because so many of our African brothers and sisters neglect their health. And we need strong and healthy bodies for the revolution.

LOL! It’s funny cuz I was just telling someone I don’t come from Skinny.  My people are big people.

I don’t really strive to be skinny, I don’t watch my weight or none of that.  I walk a lot, I ride my bike often (when weather permits), I work out sporadically, and most important of all I eat a strict Vegan diet.

I think a Vegan diet paired with moderate exercise is the cornerstone for Black health in the US.

I also don’t smoke (anything, ever), I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, and I keep my mind sharp reading, writing, and beating the hell out of my sons in online strategy games.

I think the primary reason we experience so much chronic diseases in the US is because Black people are oppressed, and oppressed people get low-quality information, we live in substandard conditions, and they endure daily insults to their physical and psychic beings.

Even if you get enough affluence to have access to quality living conditions, and you are educated enough to have correct and up-to-date information, if you have enough clout to avoid the bodily insults and assaults that millions of Blacks in the US endure daily; you cannot escape the most damaging aspect of Black oppression the psychological aspect of Oppression, which is often called Mentacide (the attack on and destruction of the Black mind).

I know many health gurus tell us to exercise and eat right, but the healthiest think any Black person can do is fight for Liberation.

Cuz even if you Vegan, and all that other shit; a health slave is more profitable to the Master, so if you ain’t rebelling to bring down the Systems of Oppression, all you Veganism and aligned Chakras don’t really mean shit.

I agree with you we need healthy bodies (and minds) for the Revolution, and if you are into all this holistic and health shit without embracing the Revolution then you are wasting your time.  I say that cuz the very earth and its ecosystems are being destroyed by our oppressors; so what good is a healthy body when the air, land, and water quality is being destroy?  If the health of your body is more important than the health of your ecosystems, then your are still a sick person, no matter how many pull-ups you can do, or how local you organic produces is.

Also, the only way to properly counter the psychological aspects of oppression is the same way you counter all other aspects of oppression; by being Radical and Organized in your opposition to oppression.

I find having a higher purpose for your heath and fitness is the strongest motivation for sticking to healthy eating and living practices.

Final point, Skinny =/= Healthy.  So when I work with people on transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle or simply being healthier and more sustainable in their lives, I don’t trip off of their weight, body size, or shape.  Self-acceptance and love is the foundation of mental health, so we can’t proclaim to be pro-health while promoting self-rejection.

I guess I’ll have to find and post a pic with his response; so folks can see that I’m not that skinny (that’s me in the green shirt):