Your latest conspiracy corner was some real shit. “They know it was a PR gimmick; but the System is too fragile to even allow other corporations to pretend like they are not towing the line” That’s real talk. Corporate masters can’t even let an upstart even pretend as if it’s different. smh. Do you personally think capitalism is a mental disorder or nah?

Thanks.  Wow, the question shows how far behind I am in getting to my blog questions; I will try to do at least one a day from here forward.

Anywhay, I’ll share a link to the post you are reffering to cuz it was a while ago:

As far as Capitalism being a mental disorder, I wouldn’t call it that, it’s a System created and sustained by people with mental disorders, but they System itself isn’t one.  

If we had to stick with the diseases analogy I’d call Capitalism a Disease Vector, because it infects not only the world, but individuals, it literally makes people sick.  Also, the Capitalist are economic parasites, the kinda parasites that feed off the host until the host dies, the kinda parasites that will kill the host (planet earth) even though the death of the host will eventually lead to the death of the parasite. 

Dr. Gabor Mate has some keen insights on this issue: