On the US/Russia/Ukraine Conflict…

Don’t get too upset about the US/Russia/Ukraine/Crimeia distraction….I mean conflict. I’m 98% sure that the US will not provoke a military conflict with the Russian Federation.

I know this because the US has not attacked a nation with the capacity to fight back since the American Revolutionary War, but that dosen’t even count because the US was not a nation then.

I know your history books told you how the US won WWII and crushed the Nazis, but that’s a lie, I’m sorry.

The Russians fought the Nazis the longest and the hardest, they suffered the highest loss of soldiers and civilians, and were the one’s who liberated the first Concentration camps. Our media/schools couldn’t tell that truth because the Russians didn’t have the right economic system to be defined as heroes, and plus Western Europeans have always though of their Slavic Brothers and Sisters in the East as less than, or Off-White due to the Mongolian and Asian contamination of the bloodlines. That kinda shit is really important to the White Elite.

So a true understanding of history shows that the US jumped in WWII after Russian and the other Alliance allies had done much of the heavy lifting and our Brothers and Sisters in African also did their part to beat back the Nazis, but that’s a whole nutha story too. If you don’t believe me, just look beyond Hollywood and mainstream US history and you’ll see.

The US is a bully nation, it only attacks when it has the absolute advantage militarily. If it lacks total superiority in firepower, it will employ subversion, assassination, and other back hand tactics to weaken it’s enemies.

Also, don’t measure US military bravery by how many US troops are lost in battle because the Elite, who control the generals, who send those soldiers to war don’t care about the soldiers, the loss of soldiers is not how they determine victory or defeat, they measure it by profit generated, and resources secured.

Also, victory is not even measured by defeat of the enemy but the amount of profits generated for the Elites and the level of resource control they sustain or gain.

Everything you’ve been told about war, all that National Defense, Protecting Liberty, Defeating a Tyrant, etc is all a lie. The US has never fought a war for any other reason than to secure increased profit and resource control for the Elite. The Elite will server up as many US soldiers and kill as many foreigners as needed to achieve that goal.

So if the US government, and the Elite who own it hold true to their historical pattern; they will use the current US-Russia conflict to scare and district US citizens, use subversion to achieve their economic goals while treating the civilians in the region like disposable pawns. Western Elite will reap all the profit while taking credit for protecting us from a threat that they have yet again invented and inflated, and there will ultimately be no arm conflict between the US and the Russian Federation.

(I would however discourage youth from joining the military at this time tho…but I discourage youth from joining the military at all times, so that shouldn’t be alarming either.)

“War ain’t about one land against the next, it’s poor people dying so the rich (can) cash checks.” – Boots Riley of The Coup.