It is the most naive and obvious question, but how do you think we should geographically organize as pan-african revolutionaries? Bc all moving to Africa is delusional and invasive i think, but building within western territorial states (fronteers, constitutions etc) without participating a bit to reforms seems veeery edgy. I live in europe, and the few woke ppl here are quite integrationists. Not me, but i can’t figure out a debut solution, ideas? thanks, sorry if u already answered dat!

How can I have a competent response condensed to fit in the little blog box they allow me here? SMH.

1. We need a Global Pan-African Revolution because Oppression and Ecocide is Global, it’s not confined to Africa, it’s not confined to Africans; so the nature of the oppression dictates that we need a globalized, integrated, and radical struggle to uproot the oppression, preserve the world’s ecosystems, and provide a dignified life for Africans, and the rest of humanity.

So, you don’t need to be in African to fight the oppression of Africa and Africans, you can fight where you stand, and your contributions are as valid as any other African’s contributions.  Che once said; “the guerrilla carries his nation in the solid between his toes,” we take Africa with is, Africa is wherever you find Africans struggling to liberate Africa and Africans.  

2. Dr. Clarke said “you can’t run an African economy if you can’t manage a candy store in Harlem.” I’m not sure why so many people think physically going to Africa will automatically change the depth of dysfunction among Africans of the Diaspora.  I support visiting, repatriating, and building real ties with the continent, but that alone is not sufficient.  If we not doing the work where we are, we ain’t gon do shit when we get back home.  

All of the Africans I know who were born in the diaspora and repatriated to Africa were already revolutionary, organized, and engage before they packed up and moved to Africa, also, the Negros who visited and moved to African were still on some bullshit while there were there.  Even Malcolm X saw and spoke on this when the visited Africa and the Middle East.  

3. As far as debut solutions and actions, I’ve covered many specifics on my blog, search the archives.  There are more than a few Pan-Africanist organizations and individuals on your side of the “pond,” you’ll have to reach out.  Some of the most radical Black people I’ve ever met were Black women from the UK.  

Just make sure your efforts are practical and viable. Grand schemes are easy to motivate people around, but they don’t have staying power, the schemes and the people will collapse around you.  So, you need to do an internal and community assessment.  Make sure your projects and formations are both training grounds  (for the participants) as well as public service oriented works. If I had more details about where you were starting and what skills and outsources available to you I could give you more detailed input, instead of general points.  If nothing else, keep struggling, studying and organizing.