What contribution can I practically make to our Liberation struggle? Often times, I believe our conscious brothas and sistas think their contribution has to radically change the system we live under forgetting that it’s a process. What advice would you give to newly conscious folks that are serious about taking action?

The Liberation Struggle is multigenerational, so it did not start in your lifetime and it must be engaged with the understanding that the struggle will endure after you are gone.  I think too many in the Struggle get discourage because all of the agenda and goals are not actualized after years in the struggle.

Your particular contribution will be dictated by where you organize, the conditions on the ground where you are organizing, and the people you have available to organize with you.

I’m actually in the process of publishing a text on this very issue because this on one of the most common questions I encounter from our people. 

A short and pragmatic guide on how to provoke or join the Struggle. 

I’ll make a copy avalible to you if you shoot me your contact info, or if you want to remain anonymous, just watch for the link, I will be posting in on this blog, and on my Twitter in the coming weeks.