What are your thoughts on off the grid living and ideology? Do you think this is a suitable/sustainable strategy for African peoples?

There are many ideologies that find the Off Grid Living attractive, from Racist White Nationalist, to Pan-Africanist, to Lone Survivalist, to Leftist Communal Naturalist.  There is not political position that has a monopoly on Off Grid Living.

I think that ever single African in the US should have some skills and experience in Off Grid living and survival, even if they have not intent on making that their permanent living condition.  It should be seen as an essential skill as reading or gun use and safety.

In order to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination Africans well need a merger of many differnt skills from Off Grind know how, to mastery of modern communications and technoloy and State-Craft.  We need it all.