What are your thoughts on the eastern faiths/religions/philosophies, buddhism, taoism, hinduism, jainism etc etc? There are quite a few brothers and sisters out here captivated by this stuff. This alarms me. In their quest for “enlightenment” they turn apathetic and hate or ignore all things political and economical.

The Eastern Religions are as Racist, Sexist, and Oppressive as the Western World Religions. 

They justice slavery, oppressive caste systems, and the degrading and subjugation of women. 

You see Black folks with Yin-Yang tats and talking that shit about Karama, they should know better.  Now that China, India, and other Eastern Capitilist states have joined the “scramble for African,” maybe them Black folks who like to dabble in Eastern religions will wake up to the fact that there’s no salvation for Blacks in the East either.

Jainism is not Racist, or Violenct like the other Eastern Relgions, but it’s some backwars ass dysfuctional shit anyway.  I don’t really see Black folks messing with Jainism like they do Buddhism, Taoism, and Hindusim.

I mean, I’m cool with yoga, Eastern medical science and practices, martial arts, Nag Champa incenses and shit, but you ain’t gotta abandon your own African gods and culture to benifit from the wisdom of other cultures, you can accept science and discoveries from other cultures without accepting their folklore, mythology, gods, and dogmas. 

Look how the West and the East have been coming to Africasn to rob us of our weath, but they don’t adopt our culture and world view, they keep their own.  We should be mature enough to do the same.  Accept, borrow, take what you need, but leave them their BS. 

I’m glad you see through the BS and all the Eastern fetishism in the Black Conscious community, because not enough of us do.