Wage Slavery vs. Chattel Slavery.

Submitting to Wage slavery is no more honorable than submitting to Chattel Slavery.

If you are not engaged in rebellion to Capitalism and Imperlism today,
then you are not different than the millions of our African Ancestors
who submitted to colonization and enslavement decades ago.  

are no different than those Africans who cooperated with the Master and
accepted the plantation system, those who complied with the colonial
governments in Africa.  

You are
no better than those who snitched on the Rebellious Africans, who took
up arms to defend the Plantations and Colonial Governments, those who
stood on the sidelines and refused to join those fighting for freedom
and for a better life for us, their descendants.

You are also undeserving for the minor comforts and freedoms you enjoy in your life, wholly unworthy.  

If you are not rebelling, you are not fully human, not fully alive.

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