A Failed Attempt to Save my Skinny Little Soul.

Churchill Wokpe said to me; “Diallo Kenyatta… you cant succeed trying to liberate the oppressed while ‘fighting against God’. your soul must surrender to Jesus first the greatest liberator, cos God is the only one who can furnish one with the strenght to liberate. Like Martin Luther King Jnr (MLK Jnr) he was a Preacher and his inspiration came from Isaiah 40.4-5. only fools say no God.”

I can’t even be mad at the brother because I truly believe he’s concerned for my immortal soul. LoL!

The thing is; even it God were real, I’d still rebel and say “fuck you, you are an egocentric asshole, just point me to the hell gates you tyrannical muthafucka.” I swear I would.

How the hell can I worship a god who has personality traits that I would despise in a mortal person?

Besides Dr. John G. Jackson told me that; “if God is going to send you to hell for all eternity, after the first thousand years or so, you won’t even notice the flames.”

So I’d much rather be in hell with our heathen, polytheistic, rebellious African Ancestors than in heaven with the caliber of Black people and White folks that follow Jesus here on earth.


Sorry Churchill, don’t waste your efforts on my skinny little soul, I’m truly a lost cause, or at least lost to your cause my Brother.