I have seen black individuals attempt to share an experience of racism to me only to have a white person co-opt the conversation with some platitude like “change your thoughts and change your world”. I find a lot black folks doing this co-opting too. Why do black folks pass their submission off as a responsible, practical, or even rational?

“Behavior is created and maintained by its consequences.” – B.F. Skinner

For centuries Blacks have been rewarded for submission and gravely punished for rebellion, so, after several generations, submission becomes the norm, it stops looking like submission and begins to look like the natural order, it stops looking imposed by the Oppressors and starts looking like it came from within from one’s own free will.  Submission stops looking suicidal and self-defeating and starts looking practical, responsible, rational, and triumphant.

After centuries of indoctrination, operant conditioning, anti-African propaganda, the implementation of control technologies Black people have been driven out of our fucking minds.  We are a traumatized, confused, disoriented, displaced, lost, and mis-educated population. 

Dr. Bobby Wright and Amos Wilson worked and wrote extensively on this issue, and some other notable African-Centered psychologist. 

This system works like hell to keep us insane, it couldn’t function without us being insane; if we regained our collective sanity this System and its Institutions wouldn’t see another sunrise. 

It’s actually worse than insanity, we suffer, collectively from Mentacide; the very death of our minds.  Menticide makes one anti-intellectual, anti-analytical, and ahistorical.  Mentacide renders us incapable of even conceiving a world without White Domination, Western Cultural contamination of all other cultures, a world were the African is once again fully liberated, a world were Africans hold sovereignty and institutional power. 

Our Negro Leaders tell us to “ignore the White man,” to stop “focusing on the White man,” to instead work or self improvement; but the White man invests significant resources on us, studying us, implementing policies against us, in sustaining and perpetuating our Mentacide.  So we are in a conflict where we are being repeatedly stabbed, and instead of removing the knife from our attackers hands, we only seek to stitch up old wounds, leaving the attacker to inflict newer and more fatal wounds. 

Even when we few truly Conscious Black people awaken, it is a constant struggle to sustain our Consciousness; we are attacked aggressively by Whites and Mentacidal Blacks.  They relentlessly mock the “Conscious Community,” they take our sacred symbols like the Ankh and turn them into insults; they take our sacred words like Hotep and turn them into insults against us.  The Mentacidal Black masses make Minstrel Entertainers and Self-Rejecting Ball Chasers into multimillionaires while leaving Black freedom fighters to live in poverty.  So, being Woke is often a painful state for Black people, in a mass of insane people.  As a result many Conscious Blacks retreat from Consciousness, or simply keep their insights to themselves and go along to get along.

Now, don’t think that Whites are not also an indoctrinated and insane bunch, they very much so are insane; they are crazy as fuck, crazier than the average Mentacidal Black person.  The difference is, Whites are indoctrinated to Rule, and conditioned to feel a false sense of Superiority; Blacks are indoctrinated to Submit, and conditioned to feel a false sense of Inferiority.

My response does not do your question justice, because it is a vast and under addressed issue in the Black community; check out some of these Scholars and their take on the issue of Black mental health, and Consciousness.

1. Frantz Fanon

2. Dr. Wade B. Nobles

3. Dr. Naim Akbar

4. Dr. Charshee McIntyre

6. Dr. Bobby E. Wright

7. Amos N. Wilson

8. Mwalimu Baruti

9. Dr. Kobi Kambon

10. Dr. Marimba Ani