So, If you don’t know much about Jack and Jill of America, please explain how you can even have an opinion on it?

Please!, these Negro pseudo-Bourgeoisie, pseudo-Elite organizations and formations are not complex, they have no depth.  Since the days of the House Ni99er (which is the foundation of the Negro Elite, and the Black Elite in the United States), since those days their methods, views, and agendas have not change.

They are little more than pale…I’m sorry, they are dark imitations of the White Bourgeoisie.  They want nothing more than to mimic what they see on the surface of the White Gentry. 

The Black Elite have never had an independent agenda, they’ve never sought to depose the White Elite like the Asian Elite seek to; only to serve and imate them, they’ve never sought to establish their own independent power base and control over their own reousces, and independent control Black commuites and our actions like true Elites do within their own Race.  All Elites seek their own sphere of influece except the Black Elies, they only seek to server the White Elite in the highest capacity possible; that’s why I call them the pseudo-Elite, because the Black Elite are not really an Elite gorup, just well dressed and well paid servants….House Slaves.

So, that’s how the fuck I can know about Jack and Jill, because I know about my history, and the history of the Black Bourgeois, it is a consistent history, it would be a boring history if it were not such a treacherous one, and J&J are a part of that history.

J&J, by its very name lays out what the fuck it’s about.  It’s to isolate the children of the Black Bourgeoisie, and train them up in the Black Elite mores.

(I do wanna make it understood that there have been some Black Elite who commit “class suicide” and betray their class, or more accurately betray their caste and embrace the larger Black commuinty and contribute to our plight; this is dramatically illustrated in the movie “The Spook Who Sat By the Door."  I know of some actual spooks today, who move among the Black Elite, and Elite ciricles in general but keep a foot in the struggle and shunt resouces and offer their skills to the Struggle. [I was just talking with a Brother who’s linking with some Spooks to support his efforts last night.]  So, I’m not talking about these Spooks, the House Slaves who would posion Massa’s stew; we need and love them,  and many of them are out there.  I’m talking about the True-Blue Modern House Slaves; and there are way too many of them out there.)