What are the roots of white supremacy? Is it endemic to whites or is it something that can be reversed? I read somewhere that only white people can know the reason why they practice white supremacy. Do you agree or disagree with this notion?

I think White Supremacy should more accurately be called White Domination.

I think White Domination is rooted in the Geo-social development of the people who identify as White, or European.  I think the climate of the region where Western Culture, and the Western Mentality came to be set people in that region on a path of perpetual conflict with all other cultures, and a drive to displace others and lay claim their land and resources.

There has been no evidence that the drive to attack, exploit, and even exterminate others can be reversed in the Western Culture as a whole, although I don’t think all people who identify as White share this impulse.  Whites have invaded, sought to colonize, and committed genocide on every single populated landmass on this planet, and continue to do so today using modern weapons and methods, but with the same level of aggression and the same horrific outcomes.  (See: ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman.’)  If the evidence that Whites as a collective can live in peace and act humanely towards non-Whites, I’d be the first to acknowledge it, but I’ve yet to see it; only on individual levels, but never at the systemic, or institutional level.  There are many White historians, anthropologist, and sociologist who’ve also articulated this reality.  I believe it was Derrick Jesnen who say that Western Culture has a “death urge,” that it seeks to not only dominate, but destroy everything.

There are pockets of Whites who seek to subvert White Domination, and even Western Culture because they understand that not even White people will survive if this culture is allowed to continue to dominate the globe.  Check out Deep Green Resistence, the Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Front, or any of the militant Leftist movements in Western Europe.  So the System of White Domination is having internal uprisings and disruptions.

M.Bradely’s text; “The White Man’s Inheritance,” gives some insights into this theory. Sigmund Freud also gives some insights into the Western Mentality, and how it sees and relates to the world. 

It has been my experience that victims of White Domination have as much if not more insights into the sickness of the Systems and it’s architects.  I don’t think you have to be White to understand White Dominations anymore than you have to be dead to understand death, it simply takes a willingness to honestly examine it.