What are your thoughts on Charles Darwin/Darwinism and his survival of the fittest principle?

“Survival of the fittest” was not Darwin’s principle, hell, it wasn’t even a principle at all, it was an observation, or more like a conclusion based on observation.

Darwin was a White dude, born and bred in a White culture, so as he saw natural phenomenon, interpreted them through a White mentality or a White World View.  The West tend to see conflict, war, domination, conquest in all things, even when it is not present.  

Just watch a nature documentary, they will got to a lush and vibrant ecosystem and talk about the “struggle for survival,” or the “ongoing battle for survival,” or the “endless war between predator and prey.”  The don’t use terms like balance or harmony, they prefer to define natural phenomenon in terms of conflict.  Even if there’s a storm, or a river flow, they will describe it in terms of violence.

Life abounds, it saturates every inch of the earth, yet the West tells us that life is an endless struggle on a hostile planet. SMH.

They will elevate the animals that have the greatest capacity for violence, to to kill other animals as the “King,” or “dominate” animals, failing to recognize that the predators are depend on the prey, that there is a balance that must be struct between the two or all will perish.  They didn’t even understand that the predator was central to the survival of the prey.

This warping of nature through the Western World View is behind much of the Ecocide that Western Peoples started in Europe with deforestation, over hunting, pollution, etc; and they later spread to the rest of the world.

If you wan’t to delve further into this chick out these text: Yurugu, The Iceman’s Inheritance, and End Game volumes 1&2.

So, yes, Survival of the Fittest has its merits, but most people fail to identify what “Fitness” actually is.  Fitness is the ability of adapt to an ecosystem, and adapting to an ecosystem means contributing to maintenance of the ecosystem that you depend on.  If you destroy your ecosystem you threaten your own survival, therefore you are unfit.  So, it’s not about our competing all other species, dominating species, or dominating your own species, it’s about balance, harmony, and interdependence; the specie that are best as achieving and sustaining balance with the natural world its other inhabitants are the fittest. 

Ants improve and strengthen the ecosystems they dwell in.  Wolves improve the ecosystems and strengthen the ecosystems they dwell in.  If you remove them from their ecosystems the overall ecosystems degrade or collapse, if an ecosystem would collapse or degrade without your presence, they you are Fit. If ecosystems degrade due to your presence and actions, then you are unfit, and need to get with the (ecological) program, our your species will perish and can possible take the whole ecosystem down with you.  See what I saying?

But I’m sure you are you are thinking about Social Darwinism, which Darwin didn’t invent, or advocate, as far as I know.  Social Darwinism is like Scientific Racism; a mythological theory, a pseudo science construct by toxic Westerners to justify atrocities, to justify corrupt and inhumane Western social systems and practices.    

I won’t waste time debunking Social Darwinism, this post is too long as it is.

I’ll just conclude by stating that it’s important to understand the Western Mentality and World View, and how it has influenced the world, but don’t take it at face value, because the ideas and actions that grow out of it are a clear and present danger to the very life sustaining capacity of this planet.  

There are other World Views, Social Theories, and Understandings of the Nature’s process; look in to them, or even better begin to develop a new, more humane, non-Eurocentric way of understanding and engaging others and the world as a whole.  Even if you White, work on doing that.  I will open up so much more, it will be like breathing fresh air for the first time, or drinking pure water for the first time.  I would go so far as to say that getting that Western crush off of your eye, out of your mind is the first step to being fully human at this point in human evolution.  Eurocentricism is Omnicidal, Western Culture is unfit at this point, and many Whites are coming to this conclusion, read Derrick Jensen, or other “woke White folk.” 

Western Culture has a “death urge,” and I don’t know if this death urge can be reformed out of it.  Time will tell.