The Black Bourgeoisie…

Thank you LL Cool J; you have demonstrated once again that our Black entertainers, pro-athletes, mainstream scholars, and mega-rich; have no connection to the values, suffering, or interest of the Black masses. I appreciate that.

You’ve reminded us that the Black Bourgeoisie has not evolved over the last 300 years. That you are all still the same Minstrels, Ball-Chasers, Gladiators, House Ni@@as, and Belly Warmers that you’ve always been.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of the crimes and dysfunction arising from poor Black criminals and gangs. I also understand that much of the crime in our communities is driven by the degenerate materialism that you, and the rest of the Black Bourgeoisie promote to our people from stages, movies, and TV screens.

You Negro elites tell the youth that this system’s riches are a goal worth giving their lives for; either through working like slaves or criminal activity, yall teach them that “getting paid” is all that matters. Therefore, much of the blood that flows in Black ghettos and slums is on your manicured hands.

Even more than the Blood of poor Blacks here in the US, we know that you Black elites have the Blood of all nations on your hands, along with your White Imperialist Masters. We know that you all are ambassadors for White Domination, that you open doors and hearts for the oppressive system to enter through, in African and other non-White Nations. We know that you all still Shuck & Jive in order to distract us from the crimes of this empire that enriches you. We know that the products that carry your names, logos, and endorsements are made in sweatshops, that they pollute native communities, that they are only worth a fraction of what your get poor ignorant people to pay for them.

So I wanna say Thank You and Fuck You at the same time, but not just to LL Cool J, but to all of the Black Elite; you so called Role-Models, and Living Examples; including the one in the big White (Man’s) House on the hill.