Civil Rights, Integration, Token Justice, & the Preservation of White Domination.

Most of the Social indicators for Black people have declined since we “won our Civil Rights.”

Not just objective indicators like economics, two-parent households, home ownership, chronic disease affliction, life expectancy, incarceration rates, etc.; we have also fallen in the more subjective areas of community cohesion, group happiness, and optimism for the future.

What Whites realized in the 1960s was that something had to change, and change drastically. The Black population of the US had organized a Mass Movement that had both a Non-Violent Progressive wing, and a Militant Subversive wing; we not only begin to destabilize the US economy and hurt the US reputation internationally, we were inspiring and uniting with Radical elements in the Caribbean and South America, anti-colonization Organizers in Africa, and Leftist Movements in South Asia. The real Global Majority was rising up in the Post-WWII era (50s-70s).

The Global White Minority that sat at the helm of the Systems of Global White Domination only had two options before them:

1. The Global White Minority could surrender their power and the vast about of wealth and resources they had stolen from the Global Majority in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. They would have to accept their Global Minority status and the great reduction in international influence that justice demanded. That would mean that for the first time since the Age of Exploration, the power and wealth of the world was set to rebalance and the world would be on course to have much greater levels of peace and justice than it had of conflict and oppression.


2. The Global White Minority would have to refine and disguise it’s oppression. Whites could no longer openly express their feelings of Racial Superiority, or their deep seeded feelings of hostility towards non-Whites. “Nigger,” and other racial slurs that Whites once used freely and openly had to be suppressed. Whites would also have to end the open Colonization of the 3rd World just as it had to end the open Racial Repression of Blacks within their own nations. In order to maintain the Economic, Cultural, and Military domination of the world the White Minority would have to surrender openly articulating its domination, and the hostility they felt towards those they oppressed. They would have to trade Racialized Oppression of Blacks for Legalized Repression and Economic Exclusion (see: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness & Black labor, White Wealth).

Of course Option 1 was rejected before it was even put on the table, and Option 2 worked far beyond their dreams. They even found, I suspect to their surprise, that there were millions of Blacks willing to embrace Option 2, as long as they got a higher level of inclusion and some of the crumbs from the continuing System of White Domination.

Although this new method of “Racism-Free” White Domination has been working well since the 1970s, it is still very vulnerable if enough non-Whites wake up and see that they are still oppressed even though the “No Coloreds Allowed” signs have come down. They have to make sure we keep believing that we suffer because we are “stupid,” and “can’t get out shit together,” and “we be killing each otha,” instead of seeing that there are systematic and deliberate mechanism in place to Oppress us and limit/end our reproduction as a people. The New Negros like Bill Cosby do great service for the White Elite when they keep the blame and focus on the Oppressed instead of the Oppressors.

When you understand all of this you will understand why the White Elite had to bounce Donald Sterling, and other White Elites when they break the Code and openly express, or get caught secretly expressing their feelings of Superiority to, and Hostility towards Black people; he knows like all the rest that you can’t stir the cattle or you’ll get a stampede, you gotta keep em calm as you walk them to slaughter.

So the NBA verdict was not about justice for Black people, or even about opposing Racism, it was all about preserving an entrenched system of White Domination, and maintaining the illusion of inclusion for New Negros, both the Ball Chasers and the FANatics.

Note: Keeping the overall System in place is much more important than any individual member of the White Elite, hell they might even let a Black person own the Clippers, that should sedate the Black population longer than Obama’s two terms in office.