The Passive, Complacent Negro (a.k.a The African-American):

Most enslaved Africans took no direct or militant action to attack their oppressor or to destroy the system of chattel enslavement. The few who rebelled and took up arms were always snitched on or subverted by some complacent Negros. Only 2% of the Black population took direct action to challenged the blatant discrimination and exploration of the Black community during the Civil Rights Era (1920’s – 1960’s). Most were still content to allow others to direct their fates and social standing. Today, in the Era of Mass Incarceration, crippling Black poverty, and genocidal exploitation; most Africans are content to go about their lives and do their assigned jobs without offering any challenge to the Masters and their systems. Passivity and apathy are the to most shameful characteristics for any person/people to express.