What are your thoughts that the latest protest against police brutality, with empty slogans like Black Lives Matter and Hands Don’t Shoot and fact that are no real demands are beings made. Are these protest part of the governments cointelpro program?

The Government is not behind the protest, but as they play out it is obvious that the Government, or its sanctioned agents are getting in front of the Protest. 

Al Sharpton, Jessie, Cornel West (yep, him too), the Celebrities, the Ball-Chasers, the NAACP, the National Action Network, the Rainbow Coalition, and the other Alphabet Soup Negro, Integrationist, Civil Rights Organizations (they are not really organizations, more like Social/Fan Clubs), the parade of “spiritual” and Religious leaders, the Congressional Black Caucus; and all the rest have crawled out of the woodwork to jockey for AirTime on the Networks, and to make sure our methods and ambitions fit withing Black Box of “Non-Violent Protest, Symbolic Civil Disobedience (Die Ins), Seeking Reforms, cash pay-outs, and individual (non)remedies for what are Systemic and Institutional problems.

Same shit that’s been going on since the Reconstruction Era, not one iota of change, I swear.

Notice, all these people who are "leading” the response to the latest series of Atrocities, where were they the day before the first Atrocity was picked up by the mainstream media.  There are Black atrocities going on all the time, all over the world, but unless it hits CNN or some other major network picks it up, the New Negros Leaders don’t show up.  Like Black people don’t need leadership, organization, and change on an ongoing basis.  Not that they have a real agenda for us anyway.

So, I respect and unite with the people in the streets, and I’ll be here when they are ready do formulate a long term agenda and execute it, an agenda for fundamental and systemic change, not reform, not the arrest of an individual, but for the dismantling of a System and creates and empower individuals who commit atrocities against us.

If we had trained, equipped, and inspired our youth like we should have they would not be employing the tactics from the last century, there would already be a proven and tested protocol for the Black community to respond to such offenses that bring minimal loss and risk to our community and maximum sanction to those who committed the atrocities, who profit form the atrocities, and who seek to deny us justice. 

But, we’d rather demand justice from the oppressor than to do the unglabomous and laborious work needed to secure justice for ourselves, independent of what the System determines we are worthy of.

So, there will be more atrocities, and more proTEST, DEMOstrations, and ACTvism, there will be more atrocities, there will be more Black Leader to serve as Human Pressure Valves to dissipate our Righteous Rage, and to expend our energies in the most in effect ways imaginable. 

Just ask yourself, what did we learn from the Travon case, how are we doing things differently for Mike Brown or Eric Garner?  Hell, what did we learn from Rodney King, Eleanor Bumpurs, or even Emmit Til?  The Central Park 5, or the Scottsboro Boys?

I call this Hamster Wheel Politics, we expend enormous amounts of energy, but we don’t really go anywhere.

On the flip side of all this is the opportunity and responsibility of the Revolutionist, as the Oppressor awakens the masses by exploiting us to the point of death, and they deploy their New Negros to make sure we only stick to symbolic and allowed means of protest and resolution, there is a crack opened for us to not join in the “Movement,” but to have the resources and infrastructure in place to allow us to integrate the newly awakened, to build towards real empowerment and truly challenge the Systems of oppression. 

So we are not blameless because we’ve yet to set ourselves up as a viable alternative to the Hamster Wheel Politics of the New Negros; for various reasons I wont get into here.

Finally, I think it would have been better to make Garner’s insistence that “This Ends Today,” the rally cry instead of “I Can’t Breath." 

I think it would have been better to focus on Mike Brown’s defiance of Darren Wilson when the pig told them to "get the fuck out of the street,” instead of his “Hands Being Up.” Mike Brown Stood up, why not focus on  “Standing UP,” to tyranny, instead of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot?”

Hell, there was a Black person who cut the throat of their attacker and the Black community ignores CeCe McDonald; I initially though it was because she’s a Transwoman, but now I think it’s because we relate better when we do the dying, and we fear armed defience no matter how it manifest; again, that’s another discussion too.