Confession: When I Criticize Obama’s Lack of Response, I Don’t Really Want Him to Respond.

Even though I have criticized Obama and his administration for his
failure to take executive action on the issue of Police Brutality,
Genocidal Incarceration, and Justifiable homicide committed by the State against the Black community; the truth is, I really don’t want him to take action, for two reasons.

1. Historically, whenever the Systems and Institutions of White
Domination offers us solutions, they cure is worse than the disease.  
From Integration to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment
of Genocide.  Integration has on exacerbated all of the issues that we
protest during the Civil Right Movement, and the CPPG has been a tool
for African Recolonization.  

2. It’s hypocritical for Blacks in the US to call on Obama to help us
as we have supported him when he has imposed brutality, genocide, and
death on Black people in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and
Asia.  It’s like calling on the man who raped your cousin to help you
bring to justice the man who raped your sister.  If we overlook the
Brutality the US imposed on Africa or the rest of the African Diaspora,
why would we expect justice for ourselves?

The real reason I
point out Obama’s lack of action is not to provoke him to action, or to
implore the Black community to call for his support, I do it to
highlight the fact that we can’t depend on the New Negro Elites to help
us…and we shouldn’t be depending on them to help us.  

I’m sorry for any confusion I’ve caused in my criticism of Obama’s weak and often absent response to “his people’s” plight.