Outside of that Sudan chick, have an African person in real life or online insulted you for being pro-black/pan-African and said to your face, that your are not African before?

Yes, all the time, but I get much more love, support, and solidarity from Continental Africans than rejection, so the New Negros from the Continent don’t phase or discourage me in the least.

I had a Nigerian Christian professor tell me that I wasn’t African, and that I should have no desire to hold to my African Heritage, that he was blessed to be in the US and away from the land of his birth.  I had a sister from Gambia tell me that she liked me, but she’d never date a Black man, then she asked me if I know any White American guys I could hook her up with.  I had an Ethiopian tell me that the Black Americans are holding the US back from being an even greater nation that is already is, that the US would be better off if it could find a way to get rid of all the Black people in this nation, and he honestly believed that if the US did that, that he wouldn’t be included in the category of “Black” because he was Ethiopian. 

All of those interactions were face-to-face, and I got many more, but if I listed the positive interactions and cooperation that I’ve had with Africans from just about every nation on the continent it would far overshadow the negative ones.

I do uderstand the centuries of Invasion and Colonization has warped many Africans, just as centuries of Enslavement and Oppression has warped the African Diaspora, we need healing and the healing will come through Revolution, just like Fanon said.