Pedophilia & Western Culture.

Pedophilia is entrenched it Western Culture, it is part of the very
fabric of Western Culture.  All modern Western Nations and Super Powers
trace their roots to Greece and Rome; where pedophilia was not only
normalized, but praised and elevated above any other from of “sex,” or
intimate relationships by their most celebrated philosophers.  

The Gods of Greece and Rome were pedophiles and rapist.  The Gods of
Western culture can’t even stomach the presences of Women, can’t bare to
touch or even talk to women, Western Gods have their very purity rooted
in the shunning of sex with Women; that goes for Jesus, Yahweh, and

Western culture even revels pedophilic tendencies
between adult sexual partners.  What’s with this obsession with shaving
of women’s armpits, legs, and pubic regions?  Adult women grow hair on
their bodies, just like men; only children are free of body hair, not
adults (especially Europeans) so why does their culture push so hard to
emulate hairlessness, and deem hairlessness as the standard for women,
and sexiness?  Also, when I was coming up, in the Olivia Newton-John
fitness era, it was concerned gross for women to have big hips, big
butts, or any physical characteristics normally associated with women of
childbearing, or post pubescent ages.  This trend has changed now that
lip, but, and breast injections and enhancements are all the rage
(within White culture, cuz most other cultures have always embraced big
buts, hips, and curves on women), but I suspect that the Twiggy standard
of beauty and female sexuality (that Leslie Hornby embodied) will make a strong comeback, and it’s still very popular in many segments of Western Culture.  Also, check out the Human Barbie;
to see this culture’s connection between Sex and Prepubescence is all
over, when you know what to look for.  Why do they want their women to
look like pre-teen boys, or disfigured dolls?

I can’t even get
into the rampant sexual abuse of children within the Juvenile Justice
System, Juvenile Dentition Centers, the Foster Care Systems, and the
Global Adoption Industry.  It’s just too fuckin much.  SMH.

Western Culture has held to it’s pedophilic roots to this day, while
making weak attempts to disguise this from the non-Western cultures it
has invaded and colonized.  

Throughout recent history there have
been exposures of systematic and institutionalized Pedophilia connected
to the highest levels of this Culture; repeated exposure of the
international child sex trade and child Sex tourism,
organized, financed, and patronized by prominently males, White Elites,
and middle class pedophiles.  You know what image pops into your head
when you see a headline or hear a news story about child pornography.  
The (Roman) Catholic Church has been exposed as a heaven to pedophiles,
facilitating the sexual abuse of countless children over decades and
decades; yet it’s still a respected and revered institution in Western
Culture. The most popular brands, designers, and trendsetters in Western
culture use sexualized children to promote and sell products around the

We are still living under the Greek/Roman Empires, and
their culture of conquest, enslavement, and pedophilia is still with us,
it’s high-tech, it’s often hidden, but it’s still with us.

This Sub-Way spokesman is just the tip, the very tip of the iceberg.

Because Whites dominate the Systems and Institutions of this society
their humanity is the only fully recognized and validated humanity; that
means that when a White person goes on a shooting spree, receives some
undeserved benefit, or is found to have abused dozens if not hundreds of
children; they are looked at as individuals, the crimes and
shortcomings of White individuals is not extrapolated across the entire
White Race.

Whereas, if a Black man commits a heinous crime, then
all of us are suspects, we are all burdened with that shame, all Black
men become active or potential predators.  If an African community
practices Female genital mutilation,
then all of African mutilates women’s genitals.  If there is a gang
selling drugs in a Black community, the entire community is treated like
a drug zone, all of us become drug suspects.  If a Black rapper beats
women; then Hip Hop beats woman; and so on.  

So Jared Fogle’s
arrest and conviction will not provoke a nationwide dragnet or crack
down on child sexual abuse, there will be no intensive review and
exposure of Western Pedophilia, not one White man will go to work or
walk the streets and have to carry the stain of Jared’s crime.  White
men will not be profiled.  White men will be able to walk the streets,
interact with children, remain free of suspicion; until they themselves,
as individuals are caught and convicted.  

This is also one of
the many reasons White Domination hurts the White masses, because White
children are targeted as much as other children; and because White
People, Culture, Mentality, Protocols, Values, Power, and Policies are
above questioning, above the Law; there’s little chance that their
Culture can ever be corrected, or purged of its pedophilic origins.

If your critique and critically study Black people and our behaviors,
then you are a scientist, an anthropologist, a historian, a
psychoanalyst, etc.  If you look into White behaviors and mentalities,
you are a kook, a Pseudoscientist, an Angry Black who has a grudge against White people.    

So, until we dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, or until they have their own Cultural Revolution where they honestly look into and fundamentally transform Western culture
(I’ll be selling coats and mitten in hell by then); we gotta protect
our children like Lions protect the pride, with all of the aggression
and cunning we can muster.

Let this Jared story be a wake-up call or a refresher course into the Culture that holds us in subjugation.  ‪#‎StayWork‬ and protect Black children, women, and men.