I want to know your thoughts on Cornell West? Is he a New Negroe in your opinion or do you think he’s a “spook”? I have a hard time determining when it come to him.

Cornell West is a classic Leftist Liberal Integrationist.  He has been evolving into a more Leftist Radical Integrationist since Obama took office however. 

We can’t forget that West has stood in opposition of Black Nationalist and Black Nationalism as aggressively as he has opposed Obama’s Neo-Con Imperialism. 

In the 90s he has a stong Black Nationlist organization, the United African Movement, evicted from the Slave Theater in Brooklyn because they didn’t allow White people into their weekly study sessions and lectures.  The UAM brought African Scholars from all over the world to give lectures and presentations to the Black community for free on a weekly basis and West tried to get them shut down because it was a Black Only venue.  They had to move to Harlem from Brooklyn because of him.

He also joined with Skipp Gates to denounce Dr. John Henrick Clarke, Dr. Ben, Prof. William Mackey and other Pan-African Scholars on behave of the Zionist and White Ivy League institutions when they were exposing the Racist and inaccurate scholarship that was being pushed in academia for decades.  He tried to paint them as pseudo-scholars and “Black demigods,” who were twisting history to feed separations between Whites and Blacks. 

West has had a long history of New Negroing, and now that he’s an outsider, he wants to attack the very Systems and Institutions that he’s advocated that Blacks integrate into.

His criticism of Obama’s Administrations and betrayal of Blacks are spot on, but he also needs to acknowledge his own betrayals and the overall betrayals of Integrationist and the failure of Integrationism before I will over look he offenses in the past. 

West may be evolving into a Pan-Africanist, maybe he’s seen the futility of what he’s advocated for in the past, and if he reaches out to the Pan-African Struggle, we should reach back to him, but only we should do so with caution, and we should hold him to account, and find out if he’s just mad because he’s an outsider now that Obama is their Puppet, or is he really ready to come on board with the true Black Liberation Struggle, he needs to say so.

If I had to predect he gonna simply struggle more aggressively for Black inclusion, and a more just and fair American, I think he wants to make America better, not dismantle the Systems of White Domination. 

Keep a cautions eye on him.  Remember, Obama was very progressive, and even had some radical rhetoric before he became an official insider, New Negros will flip on us like that.