Puck the Folice!

When have the police ever stood for justice? How many social movements have the police ever supported or refused to attack. From emancipation, to woman’s suffrage, to the union movement, to the civil rights struggle, to the anti-war, and anti-nuke struggles. The police have attacked and brutalized people for simply exercising their human rights. When have the police ever sided with the masses of the people?

When have the police ever turned their billy clubs, mace, and guns towards the bosses, or the corrupt politicians?

If there are some good cops, why don’t they ever shoot the bad cops? Why do they ALWAYS cover for the bad cops? Why is it that it always takes outsiders to expose internal police corruption? Why don’t more of the good cops come forward and denounce the rampant corruption and brutality?

Why do we call them heroes? Why do we set them up as role models for our children? Why do we allow deranged veterans who just returned from a war-zone to police our communities? Why are the police so effect at destroying the Black Panthers, Garvey and the UNIA, Students for a Democratic Society, SCLC, SNCC, the MOVE Organization; but pretend to be powerless to stop the gangs and the drug traffickers?

Who believes that the police will not follow orders to round us all up into cattle cars if their bosses and those who pay them instruct them to do so?