Give Them Back Their Gods!

Black people have been respecting and accommodating Alien Religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) since the West first invaded the shores
of Africa, for thousands of years.  

We respected them and allow
them to set up shop in our lands, our communities, and our hearts and
minds from day one; even as they desecrated our African Gods, Rituals,
and Spiritual Systems.

We’ve gained no level of power or respect
in Islam, Christianity, or Judaism, even after all these centuries; we
are still disrespected guest in the Holy Houses of the invaders.  

A few Black folks tried to get slick and Africanize or Blackatize their
Alien Religions; calling Jesus Black, pointing out that African saved
Islam, or saying that Blacks are the true chosen people of God; it’s a
laughable as it is tragic.  I think these Afrocentric, Black
Nationalist, and Revisionist adherents to these Alien Religions and Gods
are worse than Black folks who pray to White Jesus, submit to Arabism,
or who embrace the Ashkenazi Jews as the true chosen people.

Those who Africanize Alien Religions give them more legitimacy, they
confuse the true history, purpose, and impact of Alien Gods on Africans
and the African Diaspora.  They make it harder for us to purge these
Alien doctrines from our minds and our cultures.  

I’m getting
tired of Brothers and Sisters who come to me, many of whom I truly
respect, and tell me to “chill,” or to “be more sensitive,” or more
“respectful” of these Alien systems, or to try to avoid offending our
many Brothers and Sisters who bow to these Alien Gods.  They think I
subvert unity and the larger struggle by openly calling out these Alien
systems; but I ask anyone to show me how submission to any of these
Alien systems have served to unite or free Black people anywhere in the

It really pisses me off when we try to bring up the fact
that Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, or Malcolm X were adherents to Alien
System, when all of them went against the fundamental teachings and
practices of their given systems, they accomplished what they did in
spite of their given systems, not because of them.  It is disrespectful
to try to further legitimize these Alien systems by tying them to the
great accomplishments of our African Ancestors.  

Show me where
any of these Alien systems or those who imposed them on us showed any
level of respect for African Gods and spiritual systems!  How the hell
does any Black person call for respect or understanding of systems that
have shown us nothing but utter contempt?

I really don’t
understand how any African can imagine that Africa or Africans can be
free while praying to Allah, Jesus, or Yahweh; it’s simply not possible.

Do you think Europe could have colonized Africa while sincerely
believing in the existence and divinity of African Gods?  Do you think
the Arab Slave Trade could have flourished up to this very day if they
where worshiping our ancestors, and following the value systems handed
down by them?  Do you think China could be colonizing African today
while participating African rituals, and submitting to African

No! People can only advance (for good or evil)
within their own cultural and mythological systems!  That’s why all
invaders into Africa brought their own Gods and Systems, and displaced
or fully contaminated/captured the native systems.

So, stop
confusing respect for a person’s acceptance of an Alien Religion as a
key to Black Unity, it isn’t, it never has been.  Any unity based on
lies is doomed.  I don’t shun Black people for holding to these Alien
Systems but I don’t hide the truth about them either.

I’m going
to keep advocating and working for the rejection of Alien Gods, a return
to African Gods, or the absolute rejection of all Gods; because this is
as an important component of Black Liberation as economic and national

PS: The Gods and systems of the East are no
better, or any less Racist and anti-African, sorry, but there are no
options outside of Africa for your Spiritual cultivation.