have you seen the krs 1 interview

“KRS-ONE has lost his mind, I saw hints when he dropped his ‘Spiritually Minded’ album, and started appearing on that White Nationalist, Racist InfoWars program with Alex Jones.”

That was my first reaction, but lemme clean that up a bit:

It seems like he’s on some Integrationist shit now.

The worst thing about it is that he still has some gems and profound insights that should be heeded, and his contributions to Hip Hop are unsurpassed, so it’s hard to see a Titan fall, but I think he needs to go sit his ass down somewhere. 

Or maybe I’m the one who’s blind, cuz he been losing me; maybe I’m the lost one, but I ain’t with him on much of the shit he been talking lately, but at least his music is still dope…if we pretend that he never dropped ‘Spiritually Minded.’

I’m an eternal fan, and student of the Teacha, but I never took shit he says at face value, and I call BS whenever I hear it.

Ultimately, I would suggest that people still listen to the Teacha, but with a very critical ear; that’s what I intend to do, what I been doing.

(Oh, and he need to review the stats, Obama wouldn’t be in office if not for the Black vote, he never once got the White majority vote in either of his bids for the presidency. IJS.)