The US Government Can’t Scale Up On BLK Repression…Cuz It’s Already At Its Peak.

When you hear Black people talk about “things are gonna get worse for us,” as a result of the Reactionary Violence of the past weeks, just know that what they are really saying is:

“Things are gonna get worse for ME!”

Because if the truly understood the state of our people, globally, if they were truly connected to our people our collective struggles, they would know that there’s no scaling up the US can do in its campaign of under-resourcing, mass incarcerating, ethnic cleansing, and overall oppressing of Blacks in the US and abroad.

There are many comfortable Negros in this world, many, and they are willing to walk over starving children and rotting Black corpses to sustain those comforts. But they will pretend that they give a damn, only to encourage Blacks to sustain the Status Quo, cuz they eatin, and eatin good off the Status Quo.

The System can’t get any worse for the Black masses, they only have more cover and false justification for what they are already doing, that’s the only thing that can change.

It has to do with PR and International Relations, the US knows that if it scales up or goes public with its persecution of Blacks there would be a global and national backlash from the left and many other nations, which would make their genocidal agenda more difficult to carry out; and even them most evil corporations and nations care about Public Imaging and Messaging in the Information Era.

All, the US is the global seat of the Capitalist System and they are working to impose that system in many non-White nations, and US multinational corporations needs the State to come across as free and open; they have been trying Capitalism to Freedom for decades now and they don’t wanna surrender that narrative (no matter how much evidence we have that the two are mutually exclusive).

So the US is doing all it can do while still pretending to be an inclusive, democratic, and open society.

The State would have to shed all illusions and expose its true face in order to scale up on us, and it’s not gonna do that….at this state.

So, ignore Black people who try to blame any future State Repression on these Violent Black Reactionaries, or these Peaceful Black Reactionaries; they are not to blame for the States actions against the Black population.