Obamite Hypocrisy.

Why is it when a poor Black man from the ghetto asserts that he can’t do right because the White man won’t let him, all you Uppity Negros get angry and condemn him; but when Obama asserts that he can’t do right by his supporters because of the White Republicans; you MFers cry tears for him and viciously attack his critics?

You Obama Flavored KoolAid Drinkers cry about poor Black men “killin’ each otha,” in the streets; but don’t say shit about Obama bombing entire nations and killings thousands.

You Obamites claim that a poor Black man who smokes weed, drinks, and dabbles in drug sales doesn’t deserve to get ahead, to go to school, or have a career; but you elect Obama, who admitted to smoking weed and sniffing coke, to the presidency twice!

You loyal Dumbocrats denounce poor Black men for having a ‘No Snitching,’ code when it comes to the crimes of their peers; but you don’t say shit when Obama refuses to prosecute War Crimes committed by US soldiers, or to prosecute Wall Street Investment Bankers who’s fraudulent practices collapsed the global economy, or to lock up CEOs of Corporations that destroy entire ecosystems while breaking US environmental and worker safety laws!

Do yall only support educated killers? Do you have to have a degree from Harvard before you can claim to be a valid victim of White oppression? Do you have to only get high with White people on Ivy League campuses to have your drug use forgiven? Is it OK to ‘Not Snitch’ on crimes that gain the criminals billions in profits?

Until you Obamites and Uppity Negros end your hypocrisy; expect to be cussed out whenever you bring your shit to me…fair warning.