Diallo’s Conspricy Corner: CIA Trigger Words


I know the CIA coined the term Conspiracy Theroy to derail critical and skeptical inquiry into the government’s illegal affairs and False flag attacks; and to delegitimize those who reject the government’s claims.

Now I’m starting to think that the CIA are also behind the terms and
retorts like “Hater, Negative Energy, and ‘What Iz You Doin,’” to also
derail critical thinking and analysis within the Black Cultural
Community, critique of Blacks Leaders that work on behalf of our
Oppressors, and to prevent an examination of our old, tried, and true
methods of responding to our oppression.  

I would like to think
that it’s not the case, but every single time you try to give some
insight, or encourage a deep look into some bandwagon Black
issue/movement, or some Sacred Water Buffalo (the African version of the
Sacred cow) of the Black Cultural Community all of this Pavlovian Conditioning spills out.  

I don’t mind people disagreeing with me, I get nervous when they don’t
for the most part; but it annoys me when people be on some; “I disagree
with you, therefore you are wrong” type shit.  Which is 99% of the
retorts I get when I say some “Hater” shit, or I emit some “Negative
Energy” about this issue or that one.

Then muthafuckas come with that: “besides criticizing __________ (Insert Sacred Water Buffalo or trending Black issue/movement here), What Iz You Doin?”

I be wanting to respond: “fuck you, and your dumb ass retort!  You are
either engaging the issue at hand or not, it don’t matter what I do or
don’t do in that moment, cuz we are doing this, right here, right now;
dealing with this issue, right here right now, and it don’t matter if I
do nothing else or everything else, it don’t affect the content of the
words or the issue!  Address the issue, engage the discussion, or
fuck-off and don’t worry about what I do or don’t do! Asshole!”

don’t say all that, but I thinks it sometimes.  I used to Run Down my
Revolutionary Resume, but now I just ignore that Pavlovian Retort all

I mean, I guess I should be proud that we, the Black
community, are still enough of a threat that the CIA would take time to
insert Trigger Words into the Black Lexicon; I guess our oppressors see more revolutionary potential in the Community than most of us. LOL!

If you think I’m a Hater, then scroll on past, don’t get none of my Hater Stank on you.

If you think I’m emitting Negative Energy, again, scroll on past, don’t allow me to dis-align your Chakras,
or to lower you stupid ass vibrational frequency; or whatever stupid
shit you dun got caught up with after you abandoned Christianity.

If you think I do nothing but post on Social Media, then again, scroll
by, don’t allow me to distract from the work you are doing with my
words, thoughts, or insights.  Hell, how are you even on here to see me
do nothing but be on here anyway, log off and get back to that wurk.

If you come to me salivating (bullshit) after your ideological bell has
been rung, I’m just gon ignore your ass from here forward anyway.  I

Now, everyone who’s left over, we can connect and
organize, dissect these issues and ideas for better understanding,
debate for mutual growth, and build on common projects and efforts.  ‪#‎IronSharpensIron‬