Well… looks like Bernie doesn’t have a chance in hell at surviving this presidential race. Seems like we are going to have to settle for one of two openly white supremacist candidates. Hilary and Trump. Also, how many years do you think America has left as an nation, empire, state or whatever it’s being called by all kinds of folks these days?

I’m gonna vote for Bernie on March 15th, and the man said he’s gonna ride this shit all the way to the Democratic Convention; so I think his supporters should as well.  

I don’t get emotionally invested in US electoral politics so I don’t fell hope or pessimism about his chances, I will respond accordingly if he wins, or if he loses.  The Black Struggle Continues regardless.  

I still think it’s too early to call if for Hillary just yet though, way too much is still up in the air; and the Clintons are extremely unpopular among the White majority, even though the Black minority “luv dem sum Clintons.”  The White masses of the Left have yet to have their full say in the matter, and Black voters are waking up to the real Clinton legacy every day; so there’s a chance he can take the nomination, a real one I think.  

But if you are a organize for Black and human liberation, you should have your Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Bernie plans and agendas worked out already.  You should be prepared for many political outcomes.

As far as the Fall of America, it’s fallen dozens of times, the problem is this muthafucka keeps getting back up.  LOL!

Naw, but honestly, the US is destine to be taken down my Climate Change, Peak Resources, and Social Decay (fed my rampant anti-intellectualism that mass corporate media breeds).  A nation as big and entrenched as the US can take hundreds of years to fully collapse; so just cuz it’s collapsing, don’t mean it will fully fall in your lifetime, it also don’t mean that something better will replaces it.

British Imperialism fell, and we got US and Corporate Imperialism; so just waiting around for this System to collapse is not a viable option for us; we have to work to dismantle this System, to prevent massive warfare, death, and total ecosystems collapse.  The Fall of the West and Capitalism must be both expedited and directed by it’s victims, or we could lose the very life sustaining capacity of this planet if we allow it to fall under the weight of its own internal corruption alone.

So, we need to determine how soon we can bring it down, not how long it will take to fall.