Dominion My Ass!


The religious believe that god made the world for us (humans), that we are to have dominion over all the entire planet. Now I ask; why the hell would god make a planet just for us, then cover over 70% of it with water, and not give us gills? Then god turns around and makes much the less than 30% that is still above water uninhabitable, only seasonally inhabitable, or deadly for humans?

We have the Arctic, high altitudes, desserts, and coastal regions that flood or endure deadly storms on a regular basis. I know we have adapted and invented so that we can occupy more and more land space; but why did we have to invent and adapt to a world that was created for us, for us to rule, by a god?!?

If I said: I’m gonna build a house just for you, for you to rule over, it will be all yours. Then I tell you: You can only occupy 3 of the 10 rooms of the house, and those 3 rooms will have traps that might kill you and you will have to invent a bunch of shit so that you can be comfortable in the spaces I’m gonna make just for you. If you were sane, you’d tell me to go to hell. But look how many people accept this nonsense as gospel. Its crazy. Either this planet and its ecosystem has evolved and humanity has evolved and adapted to it, or the god that made if for us is an asshole.