What are your views with many African Americans believing protesting or marching has been successful at getting justice? What are your views with protesting being a form of changing the institution inside like Obama?

I guess if we can believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost; believing in other fictions like securing Justice/Liberation through protesting, marching, and reforms isn’t such a stretch.  (I know this is yet another cheap shot at religion, but fuck it, you gotta get cho shots in where you can.)

The only way to destroy an Institution from the inside is when it was your intent to do so from the get go; you can’t change institutions from the inside; that’s the whole reasons our oppressors established institutions and barred us from having any; because they allow for resilience and consistency in policy, operations, and agendas over a long span of time.  You can destroy institutions from the inside, but not change them. 

There is this thing called “Agency Capture,” but it’s a rather sophisticated tactic that Blacks have yet to successfully employ in this nation.  You need a level of Revolutionary development to do Agency Capture, and we ain’t at the level in the Black Liberation Struggle.

I think protesting, marching, demonstrations, propaganda, public relations, charity only serve a people if they are tied to a larger Revolutionary Agenda and Organization; alone, they only drive us deeper into dependence on our oppressors for justice (and every fucking thing else), and drives the sincere Black activist into exhaustion and despair.