The Secrets of Black Success….


I fucking hate, I mean I hate so goddamn much…when a New Negro gets a little status and an abundance of Fiat currency, and are in a position to buy whatever our enemies are willing to sell to them, and they are inevitability asked by the Corporate Media: What’s the secret to success! I so fucking hate that shit.

The reason why is because they always, without fail say some of the most vacuous, inane, noncontexual shit imaginable. Then the general public eats that shit up, they start making inspirational memes, and quoting these muthafuckas like they said some deep shit. Man, “that’s the shit I don’t like.”

You all dun heard em, Tyler Perry, Oprah, Will Smith, Jay Z, Michael Jordan, Russel Simmons; and any other Black person with some extra dollas all get asked that same question and they all without exceptional say some empty, airy BS.

Some shit like:
“Don’t let other people put their fears on you.”
“You have to believe in yourself and the universe will believe in you.”
“The first step is you have to say you can.”

Just once I’d love to hear an honest answer. It could go like:

Reporter: What is the secret behind your success?
Rich Black Person: Unwavering loyalty to a system and economy that is exploiting my people and raping the world’s natural resources.

or maybe….

Reporter: How did you develop your immense talent?
Rich Black Person: I’m not actually that talented, but I’m willing to use my talents to generate profits for parasitic multinational corporations, while promoting their propaganda, and embodying the false narrative that anyone can make it in this society if they just work hard and play by the rules.

or maybe…..

Reporter: Do you have any insights for minority youth who look up to you?
Rich Black Person: Why yes I do. I want to tell them that there are only limited positions for them and that they are better off rebelling against a system that places quotas on their opportunities, and that will continue to marginalize and exploit them even if they rise to the top and get a lot of money. Don’t envy or worship people like me, organize against us and our Masters!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear Jay Z run some shit down?

Just once…can we get an honest response from one of our #Talented10Th?